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Pathfinder, from the book, The Great Old Cars, Where are They Now?

From the book: The Great Old Cars, Where are They Now?  By Stanley K. Yost

Pathfinder; Innovation

From Magazine, Old Cars Weekly, date unknown.

Pathfinder Advertisements

The car that makes the imported car unnecesary

1916 Pathfinder 12 & 6

1-  KIC Document 17 9 A.jpg

Pathfinder Photos

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The Pathfinder, 1911 - 1918

The book this article came from has a strange shape as the pages are wider than they are high.   When the pages are scanned to the website the printing is very hard to read so I have posted the entire page, and then subsections of each page so they are easier to read.  I hope this helps and is not confusing.

Page 306  (Click on the image for full view)