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Pathfinder, from the book, The Great Old Cars, Where are They Now?

From the book: The Great Old Cars, Where are They Now?  By Stanley K. Yost

Pathfinder; Innovation

From Magazine, Old Cars Weekly, date unknown.

Pathfinder Advertisements

The car that makes the imported car unnecesary

1916 Pathfinder 12 & 6

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Pathfinder Photos

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The Pathfinder, 1911 - 1918

The book this article came from has a strange shape as the pages are wider than they are high.   When the pages are scanned to the website the printing is very hard to read so I have posted the entire page, and then subsections of each page so they are easier to read.  I hope this helps and is not confusing.

Page 306  (Click on the image for full view)

The Pathfinder Company

Pathfinder Co. 

For the first year in business, the Pathfinder was being made at the Parry Auto Company factory the same time as the Parry automobile. When the Parry Company went into receivership in 1910, its creditors took over the company and for lack of a better name, it was called the Motor Car Manufacturing Company. It was changed to Pathfinder Company in 1916. 1912 was the first year of production with some of Parry's creditors as shareholders and officers. The Parry was phased out as the Pathfinder was phased in.

1913 Pathfinder Model 40 Touring.jpg

1913 Pathfinder Model 40 Touring Automobile

Because body styling was its primary concern, it was known for its looks. The speedster had a boat-tail, concealing the spare wheel, and having the top recessed into a panel top and designing a coach called the Martha Washington. Many colors could be chosen with different schemes that gave them a bright look. It was priced in Hudson and Cadillac range. It won accolades not only for its looks but reliability in long distance tours. The Royal Automobile Club gave it a certificate of performance in one of its tours.

Pathfinder logo.jpg


1916 Pathfinder Advertisement.jpg

1916 Pathfinder, King of Twelves Advertisement

In 1915, front swivel seats were available on the touring car. The first car in the country to offer this feature. The company quickly built sixes and in 1916 a twelve cylinder was built known as "Pathfinder, the Great". Shortage of material in 1917 caused the company to go under.


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