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I know of only two 1928 Ford Martin-Parry Station Wagons.  I have one, and there is one other in Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Station Wagon was the Feature Car of the Month in the February 1965 Hemmings Motor News.

Below is the description from the inside front cover.

I think that Rev. Mellin got confused about only 5 Martin-Parry Station Wagons being built.  In 1928, Ford made 5 Station Wagons as prototype cars to show to Henry Ford. These 5 cars are still in existence today, but they were not made by the Martin-Parry Corporation.  


From the Model A News,   July - August 2014

Below is an enlarged section of the above screen so the article is easier to read.

Notice the advertisement for Slipon Bodies for Roadsters and Coupes.

This is the Martin-Parry advertisement cropped from the original article above.

Enlarged descriptions from the advertisement above.

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