Advertisements from Magazines

I have Tried to enlarge the various sections of each ad to make them easier to read.

A full page advertisement from The Saturday Evening Post

From The Saturday Evening Post,  December 2, 1922

Section enlarged from above for easier reading.

Full page advertisement from The Saturday Evening Post

Enlarged section of the above advertisement for easier reading.

You always wondered what the wood structural members in the base of your Martin-Parry were made from.  Now you know!

The two pieces cut out below this one are even easier to read.

This Saturday Evening Post Advertisement is not a Martin-Parry advertisement, but I really liked it anyway.  I wonder how many Martin-Parry vehicles were given a re-paint job just like this?

They make it sound like it will produce a finish almost as good as done by the factory.

This is an early advertisement in Motor Age Magazine,  May 6, 1920

Notice that in this advertisement they still refer to the two manufacturing plants as the "Martin Plant" and the "Parry Plant."

Full page advertisement from The Country Gentleman

Enlargement of the fine print.

Another full page advertisement from The Country Gentleman

Any idea what they are loading?  Nothing that I recognize.

The fine print.

A interesting touch to the advertisement.

From The Saturday Evening Post.  No date shown.

A cut out section of the fine print.

The Saturday Evening Post, April 28, 1923.

They advertised 32 branches and 15,000 dealers in this advertisement!

From The Country Gentleman, date unknown.

The fine print for easier reading.

Revolutionary Improvement

From The Saturday Evening Post - March 31,1923

The fine print on the left about the base.

On the right of the base.

An Idea - That Made Martin Parry the Largest Commercial Body Builders in the World

From The Saturday Evening Post - January 6, 1923

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