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Advertisements from Magazines

I have Tried to enlarge the various sections of each ad to make them easier to read.

A full page advertisement from The Saturday Evening Post

1 - DSCN1085-A.jpg
2- DSCN1085-C (1).jpg
3- DSCN1085-E (1).jpg
4- DSCN1085-F.jpg

From The Saturday Evening Post,  December 2, 1922

5- DSCN1122-A.jpg

Section enlarged from above for easier reading.

6- DSCN1122-C.jpg

Full page advertisement from The Saturday Evening Post

7- DSCN1126-A.jpg

Enlarged section of the above advertisement for easier reading.

8- DSCN1126-B.jpg

You always wondered what the wood structural members in the base of your Martin-Parry were made from.  Now you know!

9- DSCN1134-A.jpg

The two pieces cut out below this one are even easier to read.

10- DSCN1134-B.jpg
11-DSCN1134-C (2).jpg
12- DSCN1134-D (2).jpg

This Saturday Evening Post Advertisement is not a Martin-Parry advertisement, but I really liked it anyway.  I wonder how many Martin-Parry vehicles were given a re-paint job just like this?

13- P4170006-A.jpg

They make it sound like it will produce a finish almost as good as done by the factory.

14- P4170006-B.jpg

This is an early advertisement in Motor Age Magazine,  May 6, 1920

15- Scan of Martin-Parry Ad-A.jpg

Notice that in this advertisement they still refer to the two manufacturing plants as the "Martin Plant" and the "Parry Plant."

16- Scan of Martin-Parry Ad-B.jpg

Full page advertisement from The Country Gentleman

17- scan 3.18.15 1-A.jpg

Enlargement of the fine print.

20- scan 3.18.15 2-B.jpg

Another full page advertisement from The Country Gentleman

Any idea what they are loading?  Nothing that I recognize.

19- scan 3.18.15 2-A.jpg

The fine print.

20- scan 3.18.15 2-B.jpg

A interesting touch to the advertisement.

21- scan 3.18.15 2-C.jpg

From The Saturday Evening Post.  No date shown.

A cut out section of the fine print.

23- scan 3.18.15 3-B.jpg

The Saturday Evening Post, April 28, 1923.

24- scan 3.18.15 4-A.jpg

They advertised 32 branches and 15,000 dealers in this advertisement!

25- scan 3.18.15 4-B.jpg

From The Country Gentleman, date unknown.

26- scan 3.18.15 5-A.jpg

The fine print for easier reading.

27- scan 3.18.15 5-B.jpg

Revolutionary Improvement

From The Saturday Evening Post - March 31,1923

28- KIC Document 5-Martin-Parry-A.jpg
29- KIC Document 5-Martin-Parry-B.jpg

The fine print on the left about the base.

30- KIC Document 5-Martin-Parry-A-A.jpg

On the right of the base.

31- KIC Document 5-Martin-Parry-A-B.jpg
32- KIC Document 5-Martin-Parry-C-A.jpg

An Idea - That Made Martin Parry the Largest Commercial Body Builders in the World

From The Saturday Evening Post - January 6, 1923

33- KIC Document 6-Martin-Parry-A.jpg
34- KIC Document 6-Martin-Parry-B.jpg
35- KIC Document 6-Martin-Parry-C.jpg
22- scan 3.18.15 3-A.jpg
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