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Car Reg top 1924-1927

Car Registry 1924 - 1927

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1924 Ford T - Jim Lyons - Six Post Express Pickup

The following 3 photos are an attempt to show the correct green color of Martin-Parry vehicles.

This vehicle was also the feature article in the Model T Times Magazine, January/February 2018 issue.

Soon after the above article came out this vehicle was advertised and sold on eBay.


1924 Ford Model T

1924 Ford Model T with Martin Parry 6-post Express body

Horseless carriage Antique car automobile



You are bidding on a 1924 Model T Ford which is adorned with a Martin Parry 6-Post Express Body. Martin Parry of York, Pennsylvania would purchase the Ford T Chassis (or Chevrolet’s) and mount their different truck bodies and sell them throughout the country through the MP dealer network. They were mostly all wood construction, (except for the iron hardware) and because of this, very few survive today. As far as untouched originals go, this is one of the best surviving examples known to exist. They are rarely found in this condition, and never found with the side curtains still intact. This thing is a jewel.

I’ve had this truck for 3 years and I absolutely love it. It was recently featured in a 6-page spread in the Model T Times, the publication of the Model T Ford International. The only reason I am selling it is because even thought I love Model T’s, I am more of a Brass car guy and I’ve found one that I want to buy. So this will go toward funding that purchase. Ultimately, if it doesn’t sell, I’ll be just as happy to keep it. In any event, here are details about the Truck and what I’ve done to it since I purchased it.

HISTORY: The Truck was purchased new in the fall of 1923 by “A. J. Gibson and Son, Grocer” of Waltham, MA, and used for 30+ years by the store, delivering groceries in the town and nearby community. Sometime in the 50’s, it was handed over to a “J. Shea” which was a painting outfit. Sometime between 1957 and 1960, it was retired and put in storage where it sat until 2015. In the back bed, there are paint splatters from many a gallon that was mixed during that time. On the driver’s side of the truck, you can clearly read the lettering; “A. J. Gibson & Son, Waltham”. On the passenger side, you can see the Gibson lettering, but you can also see the “J. Shea” lettering over top, clearly marking the history of the truck.

Drive Train/Chassis: The engine and transmission are original to the truck and appear to never have been out. The original side pans are still in place. The engine starts and runs fine but it does smoke if it sits there idling for any length of time. It had some stuck valves from sitting but those were replaced. The spark plugs are new and the coils have been rebuilt. The carburetor has been rebuilt and done in a way to preserve the original patina. I replaced the bands and pulled the engine pan cover down and cleaned the gunk out of the engine. I then flushed the engine with kerosene and changed the oil. While doing all that, I also installed an oil screen under the hogshead door. There are NO connecting rod or Main bearing knocks so the lower end sounds good and tight. There are some valve taps which are because the engine still has the original non-adjustable lifters. These are easily replaced with adjustable lifters in a couple of hours on a Saturday. If I were going to keep it, I’d spend a weekend and pull the head, and oil pan cover, and do a quick ring job with the engine sitting in place. That would be the time to replace the lifters as well. The radiator cools fine and I’ve had the engine sit and idle for considerable amounts of time during the hot summer with no issues. The truck climbs these hills of West Virginia with no problem but I have maybe only put about 5 miles on it since it’s been pulled out of storage so some short runs would be required to completely sort it out and build confidence. Nevertheless, it ran well and I would anticipate no major issues.

Tires: The tires and wheels are in good shape. When I got it, it had two old original tires from back in its day still on the truck. The spare is an original Firestone “Oldfield” from the 1920’s which is just incredibly cool. The rear tires are Wards Riversides’ and I installed two used (but excellent) front Universals with tubes on the front.

Differential: The rear axle assembly got replaced at some time in its early history. To look at it, you’d never know it wasn’t the original, except by experienced model T guys who will notice the absence of backing plate ribs. I had no intention of changing the rear since it was part of the trucks history. In any event, before doing any serious touring, I would pull the assembly and make sure the thrust washers are not babbitt metal and replace them if they are. I DID pack the outer axle bearings, replaced the sleeves and install neoprene seals to keep the grease in. I also replaced the brake cam and bushings and brake shoe springs. The brake shoes are the original cast iron shoes.

Front Axle: I rebuilt the front axle assembly right after I got the truck. I replaced the spindle bolts and bushings along with the tie-rod bolts and bushings. I also rebuilt the front axle threads on the passenger side using the Stevens tool. The Front wheel bearings were inspected, packed, and any that were questionable were replaced with good Timkens and are ready for miles of use.

Body:  The wood Martin Parry body is in amazing shape.  None of the boards are rotten and it’s very sturdy.  The original green paint is still there but has darkened to the point where it’s almost black unless you are in the sun.  Traces of the original pin-striping around the windshield and sides of the body are still present which allows anyone who is studying this truck see exactly how it was detailed.  The roof is made of lath and is stained a dark cherry.  The original hardware is all there and so are the decals that came on this truck, including the MP logo on each side panel and the fastener decal on the passenger side door post.  The driver’s seat is an imitation alligator pattern and is in great condition.  I painted up a piece of plywood to span across the entire seat cushion to distribute my body weight so my butt doesn’t blow through the delicate upholstery.  Original gas tank is in great condition and there are tool compartments on each side of the tank.  The roof is covered with a thin canvas material that has a water-proof exterior.  There are a few small rips tears on the top but they are minor.  The side curtains are an incredible part of this truck.  Just to find them still in place is rare and these are serviceable.  The celluloid window material is cracked and gone from most of them, except the rear which is still good.  The side curtains are held in place by leather eyelets and tangs which are really cool. Some are gone but there are enough there to keep the curtains fastened.  They are removable too so they could be replaced if you had some made.

In summary, this in a very rare truck of historical importance and should probably be preserved as it is rather than restored.  But then again, the new owner can do as they please!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me and I'll answer your questions in detail.  It is being sold with a notarized bill of sale from the Massachusetts DMV.  Good luck!!






1924 FORD - Jeffery Hery

Vehicle Year: 1924

Body Style: Sedan Delivery Truck

Chassis Manufacturer:  Ford

Engine Manufacturer:  Ford
Engine Year:
Engine Number:

Vehicle Location:  Parkesburg, PA

Name:  Jeffery Hery
About the Vehicle:  No photos available at this time.






 1924 FORD - Jeff Hood

Vehicle Year:  1924

Body Style:  Model 221 Full Top Express

Chassis Manufacturer:  Ford

Engine Manufacturer:  Ford
Engine Year:
Engine Number:

Vehicle Location:  Long Beach, CA

Name:  Jeff Hood
About the Vehicle:  My truck is a Model 221 Full Top Express of about 1924 vintage.  The body is original with what is left of the original paint and decals still intact.  I do not plan to paint or restore it.  I have had it for 7-8 years.  I found it on Craigslist, and the guy I bought it from got the body from e-bay.  It was in Placerville, CA.  He had a chassis and enough spare parts to assemble a truck.  He had intended on restoring it but lost interest.  I like it just the way it is.  It is missing the door latches, inner door panels and windows, sun visor, and seat back and cushion, but is otherwise very complete.



1924 FORD - Jeff Hood