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The Motor Car Mfg Co.

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In 1910 and 1911 David M. Parry produced an American Automobile called the Parry. Do to financial problems David Parry left the company and The Parry Auto Co. Then in 1911 The Parry Auto Co. was reorganized into The Motor Car Mfg. Co. with new owners and the Parry automobile was renamed the New Parry.  The only thing new was the higher price and a wider range of body styles.  The two-passenger roadster and five passenger touring car were essentially duplicates of the previous offerings.  Additional models were a four-passenger touring car and a four-passenger demi-tonneau.  These four cylinder models were priced from $1,350 to $1,750.

The Pathfinder introduced in 1912 succeeded the New Parry as a boat tail speedster. It was noted for several advanced body innovations, such as the disappearing top and a spare wheel cover. Initially, Pathfinders had four cylinder engines, followed by sixes with V radiators. The Pathfinder was issued a certificate of performance by the Royal Automobile Club following its participation in a trial in 1912.

The company was reorganized as The Pathfinder Company in 1916. The year also saw the introduction of a model with a Weidley 12 cylinder engine called Pathfinder the Great, King of Twelves. These models ranged from $2,750 for a seven-passenger touring car to $4,800 for a special enclosed body car. Shortage of materials during World War I severely handicapped Pathfinder operations. In December 1917, the company was liquidated in receivership.

Officers: WC Teasdale, Jr., Pres.; G.O. Simons V. Pres. & Gen. Supr..; Wayne
K. Bromely , Sec & Treas. Other directors: F.C. Dorn and F.H. Yeagle

The Motor Car Manufacturing Company is the name of the new concern, which will operate the plant of the defunct Parry Automobile Company, of Indianapolis, IN.  The new company looks like a strong organization and with the well-known Parry work as a basis for its future operation, it promises to look after the old Parry dealers, and to give to Parry owners the special service to which they have been accustomed.  The line of cars for this year will range in price between $1,350 and $1,750.

New Parry  Model 37 - Four Passenger Baby Tonneau  $1350
  Model 39 - Two-Passenger Speed Roadster  $1350
  Model 42 - Five Passenger Dour Door Touring Car  $1350
MoToR  Series 1911

Karl Eeilcke, formerly connected with engineering staff of the Packard Motor Co., has accepted the position of chief engineer of the Motor Car Manufacturing Co., of Indianapolis, and is now working out design of the 1912 Parry cars.

Parry Plant Working Nights--In order to catch up on deliveries, the Motor Car Manufacturing Co., Indianapolis, IN., has put on a night force though out its plant. Deliveries of 1912 models will start July 1.

The Motor Car Manufacturing Co., of Indianapolis, IN, which makes the Parry cars, is putting in the new roadsters and phaetons for 1912 what is termed a juvenile seat, although it is of ample size to accommodate an adult.

Plans are being made by the Motor Car Manufacturing Co, Indianapolis, IN to build a new factory building for the exclusive manufacture of the Pathfinder. This building will be a modern one-story, brick structure 150 x 150 feet and will cost about $50,000. It is expected that it will be ready for occupancy about December 15. At the present time the company is manufacturing the New Parry and the Pathfinder in the same factory, and it is believed advisable, owing to the crowded conditions of the plant, to erect a separate building for the Pathfinder.

*Note: Nothing in the city directory using the terminology Pathfinder or Parry car in 1912

1913 Office and Factory Standard Ave. & Division St.
WC Teasdale Jr. Pres.; G.O. Simmons V. Pres. & Supt.; WK Bromley, Sec. Treasurer
1913 MOTOR CAR MANUFACTURING CO. (same as 1912, except)
WC Teasdale Jr. Pres.; G.O. Simmons V. Pres. & Supt.; WK Bromley, Sec. & Treasurer
Office and Factory Standard Ave. & Division St.
"Factory " Division near Morris

"Makers of the Pathfinder'' (same Co. Officials)

1136 - 1140 Division St. (same place as above)
Reorganization of Motor Car Manufacturing Co. as The Pathfinder Co., with Mr. Teasdale as Pres. Capital Stock: $250,000, divided into 2.500 shares of the par value of $100 each. 72 On 12 May 1915, the day of Mr. Parry's death a special meeting of the stockholders of THE MOTOR CAR MANUFACTURING CO. was held at the company's offices, 1136 Division St., Indianapolis. Of the 26 stockholders, 5 were present; Mr. Teasdale held the proxies of the majority. It is interesting to note that the following members of the family were among the stockholders: W.C. Teasdale, Jr., 844 shares; Lydia P. Teasdale, his wife, 140 shares; Susan T. Ralston, his sister, 50 shares, Harriet V. Teasdale, his sister, 5 shares; and David S. Ralston, his brother-in-law, 50 shares....Shortly thereafter the new firm was incorporated under the laws of the State of Indiana. Other officers: Karl Feilcke, Crawford Fairbanks, and CJ Root.

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