1928 Dealers Catalog

Martin-Parry Bodies for Ford

I have now obtained an original of this catalog, so I was able to scan better copies of each page.  I originally listed it as a 1929 catalog, but I have now changed my mind and listed it as a 1928.  There is no date anywhere on the catalog.


My reason for listing it as a 1928 is maybe a stretch with some guessing.  When I look at the vehicles shown they are definitely Model A Fords.  Martin-Parry was bought out by Chevrolet in 1930, so I an guessing that this was printed before that time.  The hub caps are definitely 1928-1929.  Most of the cowls seem to be 1930-1931 because they are so flat, but the 2 lower pictures on page 16 look definitely like they have 1928-1929 cowls.  I would say that most of the gas and radiator caps are definitely 1928-1929.  I am thinking that maybe these drawings were made from some early drawings provided by Ford before production.  That is why I dated this catalog as 1928.

Another  reason I have dated it as a 1928 catalog is that this catalog included a 2 page, fold out brochure, that says that this catalog is for the "new Ford "A" and "AA" Chassis".  I don't think they would have said that if it was a 1929 catalog.  The next two scanned inserts are that brochure.

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