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1925 Dealers Catalog #3*

*This Catalog does not have a date on the catalog, but there was a 1925 price list with the catalog.  I have found that USUALLY if there is a price list with a catalog, then they are usually the same date.  The price lists are loose, that is, not attached to the catalog, so it is always possible that this is not a 1925 catalog.

See the price list for the Pittsburgh Branch Assembly Plant No. 33, May 12, 1925 that came with this catalog.

KIC Document 4 16 cropped.jpg
KIC Document 5 3 cropped pg2.jpg
KIC Document 5 3 cropped pg3.jpg
KIC Document 5 4 cropped pg 4 5.jpg
KIC Document 5 5 pg6 7.jpg
KIC Document 5 6 cropped pg8 9.jpg
KIC Document 5 7 cropped pg10 11.jpg
KIC Document 5 8 cropped pg 12 13.jpg

Note: Pages 14 and 15 appear to be missing.  It appears that the book was printed that way.  Must have been a misprint.

KIC Document 4 17 Cropped.jpg
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