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Meek's Message

Meeks' Message is a 4 page brochure advertising their products for sale, including Martin-Parry vehicles.

An interesting side note is that there is considerable correspondence in the "Correspondence" tab under the "History" tab between Meeks and Martin-Parry.  In the early correspondence Martin-Parry had to ding Meeks for payment of vehicles shipped.  Now it appears that Meeks is a fairly large company selling a lot of product.

Cover Page.

1- Meeks Message0001_Page_1-A.jpg

The entire inside of the brochure to help with figuring out where the blown up sections fit.  Sorry about it being so cut up, but it is much easier reading this way.

4- two-page-ad.jpg
3-  two-page-ad Cropped top center.jpg

Pages 2 & 3.  The print is too small so the pages are cropped below from left to right for better readability.

2- two-page-ad (1).jpg
5- Meeks Message0001_Page_2-A.jpg
6-  Meeks Message0001_Page_2-B.jpg
7-  Meeks Message0001_Page_3A.jpg

Page 4.

Again, as on the previous pages, the print is too small for easy reading so each sub section is cropped below for easier reading.

9-  Meeks Message0001_Page_4.jpg
10-  Meeks Message0001_Page_4-B.jpg
11-   Meeks Message0001_Page_4-A.jpg
12-   Meeks Message0001_Page_4-C.jpg
13-  Meeks Message0001_Page_4-D.jpg
14- Meeks Message0001_Page_4-E.jpg
15-  Meeks Message0001_Page_4-F.jpg
16-  Meeks Message0001_Page_4-G.jpg
8- Meeks Message0001_Page_3-B.jpg
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