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Original Property of the Martin-Parry Corp. For Sale, Indianapolis, IN - March 18, 2016


Property Ownership and Recent History - From page 14 of the sales brochure

The site began activities as the Martin-Parry Carriage Works. Chevrolet purchased the plant and renovated it to become a metal fabricating plant. In 1982, General Motors purchased the adjacent Ulrich Chemical facility to use for repair and storage of metal transfer racks. Industrial use of this site dates back to 1929 when it was used as a steel warehouse. Site activities included metal stamping and routine maintenance. At its height, General Motors employed approximately 5,600 people at the site. GM closed the facility in June 2009 and the structures on site were dismantled by the RACER Trust in 2014.


For the complete information see:  Indy-marketing-brochure

Martin-Parry Web Master Note:  

This site began activities as the Parry Manufacturing Company.  It then became the Martin-Parry Corporation when the Parry Manufacturing Company merged with the Martin Truck and Body Corporation in 1919.  Prior to the Martin Truck and Body Corporation, the company was known as the Martin Carriage Works.  There was never a company named the Martin-Parry Carriage Works!  Just a clarification for those that care.

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