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Correspondence from the Parry Manufacturing Co.

The next few images are copies of different types of letterhead used by the Parry Mfg. Co.

I find it interesting that not only did they make changes every few years, but the drawing of the plant changed as well, which shows that they were continually adding new buildings to the Indianapolis plant.

This is the earliest letterhead that I have, it is dated October 18, 1891

KIC Document 0 2 cropped for letterhead.

The next one that I have is this one dated March 8, 1897.

KIC Document 0 20 cropped for letterhead

Next in changes that I have is this one dated June 18, 1906.  It is the most grandiose taking up both the top, left side, and bottom.

KIC Document 0 22 cropped for letterhead

The next after the above that I have is this one dated March 12, 1905.

KIC Document 0 19 cropped heading.jpg

And finally the most recent version that I have is this one.  The earliest date for this version is February 5, 1910.

KIC Document 0 5 cropped for letterhead.

If anyone has letterheads that are different than the ones shown above, I would be glad to add them.

Correspondence with A. Steffen.

Correspondence having to do with the selling of property, dated March 8, 1897

KIC Document 0 20.jpg

Correspondence with M. Michael & Brother.


Correspondence about a canopy top that did not fit.  Dated June 22, 1897

KIC Document 0 21.jpg

Correspondence with M. Michael & Brother.


Correspondence about a canopy top that did not fit.  Dated June 22, 1897

KIC Document 0 12.jpg
KIC Document 0 11.jpg

Followup letter to the above. This letter dated April 4, 1899.

KIC Document 0 10.jpg

And another followup letter dated July 6, 1899.

KIC Document 0 9.jpg

Correspondence to J. B. Farr dated 7/8/99

KIC Document 0 17.jpg

Correspondence with Cris Case

Envelope and receipt dated 1901.

KIC Document 2-Parry.jpg
KIC Document 3-Parry.jpg

I love it! A receipt for 76 cents.

KIC Document 4-Parry.jpg

Correspondence with the M. J. Carnahan Co.

Correspondence dated March 12, 1905

KIC Document 0 19.jpg

Correspondence on May 15, 1905

KIC Document 0 18.jpg

Acknowledgement of a check for $2.00 and crediting it to their account.  Dated September 4, 1905.

KIC Document 0 24 (1).jpg

Correspondence about shipping an order.  Dated June 18, 1906

KIC Document 0 22.jpg

Discussion about wheels returned.  Letter dated July 14, 1906

KIC Document 0 15.jpg

Acknowledgment of an order dated September 10, 1906

KIC Document 0 23.jpg

Correspondence of April 18, 1907 re: seat

KIC Document 0 16.jpg

A May 5, 1909 Statement from the Parry Mfg. Company to M. J. Carnahan Co.

KIC Document 3-Parry-A.jpg

It would appear that this letter goes with the Statement above.

Apparently Messrs. M. J. Carnahan & Co. didn't want to pay the freight charge of $4.07 in the statement above.

KIC Document 4-Parry-A.jpg

Correspondence to D. D.Costello

Re:  Offer of reduced shipping if order is received   Dated February 15, 1906

KIC Document 0 25.jpg

Trying to sell Reynolds-Brooks Hdw. Co. a School Wagon.  February 5, 1910

KIC Document 0 5.jpg

More correspondence with the Reynolds Brooks Hdw. Co.  Apparent problem with a wheel or axle.


Apparently not related to the School Wagon discussed in the above letter.  This letter dated December 12, 1910.

KIC Document 0 5.jpg

Invoice to Buchner & Thielen, Monett, Mo.

KIC Document 0 6.jpg
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