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M.D. Martin Carriage Works, 1890s-1918; Martin Truck & Body Corp., 1918-1919; York, Pennsylvania

The following 8 images are from a double-sided foldout brochure from the Martin Carriage Works. There is no date, but it must be a later company brochure as it does not mention any buggies, only truck type vehicles. These vehicles appear to be rather ancient as they are chain driven.  It would appear that Martin made the entire vehicle rather than buy chassis from other companies.  If anyone can date these vehicles, please let me know.

Brochure, slide 1

KIC Document 1-Martin-A.jpg
KIC Document 1-Martin-B.jpg
KIC Document 1-Martin-D.jpg
KIC Document 2-Martin-A.jpg
KIC Document 2-Martin-C.jpg
KIC Document 2-Martin-D.jpg
KIC Document 1-Martin-C.jpg
KIC Document 2-Martin-B.jpg
martin-parry-header2 (1).gif
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