Sales Promotions from the Parry Mfg. Co.

The Parry Mfg. Co. seemed to be very aggressive at having items that promoted their company.

A circular brass framed thermometer.

A very nice shot glass containing some humor.

A Parry Buggy Advertisement Clock.  I was told that it was thought that, as a promotion, the clock was sold for $5.00 dollars when you bought a buggy.  Probably built around 1902.  Typically known as a schoolhouse clock.

A sticker promoting Parry Buggies.

A very nice Parry Buggies token.  I still see quite a few of these for sale from time to time on eBay.

This token is listed by Rulau as IND 2, with a production date of 1896.  It was produced as advertising for the Parry Manufacturing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana - which, at that time, was the largest manufacturer of horse-drawn buggies in the world.  Its facility consisted of 19 buildings, where nearly 3000 persons were employed!! 

One side has a great image of a horse-drawn buggy, with the company name and city at the top and the words HIGH GRADE BUGGIES at the bottom.  The other side has a large Maltese cross containing the word PARRY twice, crossing (see photo) - the company logo.  Surrounding the cross are the city name and the words HIGH GRADE BUGGIES SURREYS.  This token measures approximately 29 mm (1-1/8") in diameter and is composed of copper.    

A Parry Key Chain

A different type of Key Chain