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The Parry Manufacturing Co. - Advertisements

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Parry Auto Company

From The Automobile - September 8, 1910

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The Motor Car Mfg. Co.


From The Automobile - January 19, 1911

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The Motor Car Manufacturing Company started producing the Pathfinder.  Apparently the name was later changed to the Pathfinder Company.  They made passenger vehicles for only 6 years 1912 - 1917.  The first 4 years they made vehicles with a straight 6 cylinder engine, and the last 2 years they offered a straight 12 cylinder engine.​

The Pathfinder Company

Pathfinder the Great - King of Twelves

From Motor World, January 19, 1916

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More Parry Mfg. Co.


Parry Farm Bodies for Ford Chassis

They make a good argument for switching from farm horses to Ford Chassis with Parry Farm Bodies.  Advertisement date unknown.

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A two page advertisement from the Automobile Trade Journal.

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